Fabric by Hannah Aroni

Vittoria’s office is small and warm. The wallpaper peels from the walls and the window frame rattles in even the mildest wind; if you look too long at the details of the room, they seem brittle, dry, like the wings of an old moth under glass at the edge of an entomologist’s vast proud display. But there is a fireplace in the office; improbably, there is a fireplace on the second floor of a seven floor office building, and code violations must surely be involved, because whenever a client visits a fire burns there, but no client remembers seeing smoke rising from the building as they enter or leave. It is the sort of thing they would remember, surely. If they look long enough into the fire, the shape of the room grows rounder and the walls seem to fill out, less moth and more leather, more mushroom. Continue reading Fabric by Hannah Aroni

Trans trucks by Alison Evans

originally published in CQ1

Alison Evans  |  they, she & he
Alison is co-editor of Concrete Queers and loves it with the fiery passion of a thousand million burning suns. They also wrote a book called Ida which is a queer YA spec fic genre mash up. You can find him on twitter @_budgie

Calling out, calling in by Lisa-Skye

Calling out, Calling in: Making a safe space for queer audiences in comedy 

Stand up comic Lisa-Skye explores the Melbourne comedy room scene. She IDs as a queer, polyamorous, non-cis Femme Daddy & safe/sane/consensual BDSM advocate. 

‘Yesterday, my wife asked me what I’d do if I were a woman for a day. What I’d do if I were a woman for the day? I’d clean this kitchen, for a start!’

I was at a popular comedy night. More popular than most in Melbourne – about 60 audience members, who, to my disappointment (but not surprise) ate up the bullshit the headliner was coughing out.

This was no open-mic comic, no green first- or second-timer. He was a seasoned international act. And the crowd loved it.   Continue reading Calling out, calling in by Lisa-Skye